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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Second OC

Name: Portia Auralis

Age: 455 (looks about.....40)

Gender: Female

Power: to control light and electricity

Weapon: Her powers

Eye colour: Bright Green (like frankensein-ish green.)

Hair colour: So black it almost looks blue. Long and slightly wavy.

Nationality: confidential information.

Location: constantly changes.

Personality: Warm and welcoming. She can be cold when she wants to, though.

Likes: Excercising, basically keeping fit.

Dislikes: Overeating... she tends to do that :P, formal clothing., Blood Butterflies

Clothes: Excercising clothes... funny she wears that, really.

History: Portia was a normal girl until she saw the war.... not much else, really.

No remaining survivors in her family. All assassinated by Butterflies.

Occupation: Freelance undercover worker.

Quote: "Whatever."

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