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Monday, 30 May 2011


Dear all,

I'm sure we do miss our dear friend Kallista. I have heard that her parents do not allow her to blog like she usually did, for reasons I don't know and I don't wish to comment on those reasons.

I trust that her parents would have some rationale behind this action, but please, you can't do this to your daughter. It would be too un-parent like. I'm also sure that parents would want their child to have friends, would they not? So please, let her connect with her friends.

I do believe that parents would love to get the best for their children. The only way to do this, however, is not to take away the things that you would deem unfit for her. Instead, allow a moderation of the good and the 'bad', which would definitely increase her co-operation with you. To allow smooth proceedings in life, please allow her to blog.

You might say that we might be phedophiles. While the risk is there, I do hope that you would understand where we are coming from. We are her fellow bloggers. We would never, ever do anything to hurt Kallista. I think that stopping Kallista from blogging using this reason while it does have its consideration, it is not a good reason at all.

Please understand your child's pleas. We also miss her dominance of blogs and her dear spelling mistakes. These are flaws that we cannot do without in the blogs. This is a way of us, us whose parents are overprotective of us, us, whose parents don't allow us to reach out through physical ways, to connect. We need that connection to survive in the rapidly growing world. My parents would love to cut off all my connections with the outside world if possible, but they do realise that I need the connection to be able to handle clients in the future.

Technology is building. Blogging is part of technology. Facebook is part of technology. I'm sure that in your everyday working lives, you would get in touch with technology. Please, please let your child blog. I would also like to say that this goes out to every parent, including my own. This post is not directed at Kallisat's parents, and Kallista's parents only. I can only hope that, with the increasing messages across the line between us that we call blogland, you would give in to our pleas and let Kallista blog once again.

Thank you very much and I hope you heed our pleas.

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