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Monday, 23 May 2011

Class party

I'm not going to write about how awesome it was (which wasn't a lot), or how fun it was(which wasn't much). Instead, I'm going to complain about what a flop this stupid party was.

Only two damned teachers came, and they're only replacement teachers. We overordered (quite by accident, I assure you), too many pancakes, because we had no pizza. Half the class wasn't here, and right now a few of my friends are griping about how much a flop of the party it was. The music was rubbish and the maple syrup was annoying. I'll go join them a while.

*starts crapping about the class party*

*comes back*

Okay, that lightened my mood. I just found out I have a piece of paper with me, and it says:

Class party program:
Time: 7.50 -- 9.40

7.50 -- 8.45: Ms Liu SIP proposal checking and eating food....

*continues reading*

... The party did not pan out this way.

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