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Thursday, 26 May 2011

June Holidays

June hols, or also known as summer hols in some countries, but June hols are only one month long... :(.

Anyway, the June Hols are coming! I'm looking forward to the things I'm gonna do, which is pretty much nothing of intense interest:

1. Working out. I'm aiming to lose at least 3 kg by the end of June.

2. Revision. This is not something I actually want to do, but still, elite school = lots of revision.

3. Going to Malaysia; Regional Studies Progamme Immersion trip. This is going to be sooooo boring.

4. Science Investigative Project. I have to finish this. Again, not something I want to do.

Hi Ann! This is a photo of me, as you requested. (Go find me... I'm on the extreme left.)

(What really goes on during Chemistry and Math... :P)

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