Thursday, 30 June 2011




okay that is all XD

no but seriously, today is Nyx's birthday and I got special leave from my mom to use the computer. SO NYX YOU OWE ME jkjk.

this is what is playing in my head now.....

*I present Nyx with a gift*

*Nyx opens the gift*

*it's a little plushie of Val and Skul-Man*


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I have hurt...oh well, the title says it. it's my left arm, so i'mm typing with my right, that's why you may see the occasional typos and punctuation errors. oh well.
i now wear a sling and a backslab(?) i dunno, the doctor said we might be overreacting. so i'm seeing him next week.
i was at the swimming complex where i go to and my younger brother was taking up the entire handicap ramp. so i wanted to go ahead of him and therefore i took the side. near the top, i fell and my weight came onto my left forearm. i left it for the whole night, but when i woke up this morning i couldn't move my arm. so i skipped school and saw the doctor at about 9 in the morning. they did, what, 5 x-rays and cleverly figured out that they couldn't see anything wrong.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

I was overseas...again....

Sorry guys I was overseas for some school fieldtrip and my dad being the paranoid idiot he was did not allow me to blog so here is the EXPLANATION. GTG now. Will talk about it later :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Widdle itty bitty excerpts

hi Guys! Here's an excerpt from one of my OCs life, Blood Butterflies. This is the time when she ran away from home.

Butterflies woke with a jolt to the head. Her eyes snapped open and all she could think of was danger. She plunged her hand into her pants pocket and slipped the delicate black chain onto her pale wrist.

"WAKE UP!" her father roared. He had thrown a shard of something at her and it had hit home. Her forehead bleeding, she slowly pushed the covers off. She took deep, deep breaths to keep her temper and tears suppressed. Even so, her temper burned fiercer than Mevolent's fire, and her tears flowed down her face like twin streams.

"What....did this.....time?" she asked between shaky breaths. She suspected that her father was already drunk and intoxicated with drugs, but she still asked -- it was a ritual to her.

Her father's face went blank a moment. "You....I....You...."he stuttered. Then the rage returned. "Doesn't matter!" he yelled.

Crazily, she laughed.

"Oh, dad, oh, dad. You've done more damage to me than Billy-Ray Sanguine ever did."


She swung her legs off her slightly elevated, battered mattress and went straight to the cupboard with held her measly possessions. Sh e took out a box and started packing. Her dad did not move to stop her. "Did you ever love me?"

Her father, held in a trance, said, "Once. When you were born."

"What happened?" she asked gently, her voice permeating the suffocating silence after the storm. No answer. "Can't say, now can you?

"From this day on, I swear upon the shadows of the Temple, I am not, have never been, and never will be your daughter."

Her father stood there, captured by her bravery.

"From this moment on, I swear upon the fall of night everyday, I will never set foot in this house again. If I do, it will be to kill you. Both you and mom."

More packing.

"From this moment on, I swear upon the length of High Priest Tenebrae's neck, I will find my own keep."

She laughed again, feeling the joy and strength coursing through her as she said her chosen name again. She finished packing and walked to the door, her father's dull eyes trailing after her.

"And from the moment I step out of this house, I am not Marina. Not anymore. I will be known as Blood Butterflies."

Oh and for those who read it already, I changed it a little. Go read and comment -- I, Blood Butterflies, order you to XD


I'm publishing this here so everyone can see it. This is a plea from my brother in real life and brother on blog, ghost. Believe me, I don't wanna do this.


LISTEN UP!!!!!!!

I'm writing this spin-off from the Skulduggery Pleasant series, and so please read it and comment. URL TO MY BLOG:


sidenote from Blood Butterflies: He is supposed to give me credits for my OCs that he used, namely Bristol Jetstream, Olivia Storm and Blood Butterflies. Damnit. I'm not even sure he did.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


I forgot to include the fireflies; they're on the second day at about...9pm? They were so tiny, only 3mm! They are attracted to salt, so my older brother said we shouldn't have bathed after bobbing around in the sea; then the fireflies would swarm on us. lol.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hey guys!

I'm back! Yes!

*looks around*


good to be home!


*falls down*

Argh my head is still spinning from all the alcohol I drank today.


I'm on the blog after much argument with my dad, and my eyes are a little sore from crying, but I'll be fine.

Okay! *rubs hands* down to business! I'll be telling you what I've been up to the past three days... which reminds me... I'm still on the floor.*gets up*

1st day!

We got onto the boat at about.... 8 am, Singapore time. The journey there took about 1hour. Arrival at Bintan, Indonesia, 8 am Bintan time. Yes, Bintan is one hour behind Singapore. We checked in, hung around for about 15 minutes, then we got on to the bus, blah blah blah, hung around for 10 more minutes, then we went to the hotel.

The hotel we stayed at is called the Nirwana Gardens. It's really big, and it includes the following services:
  1. Archery
  2. Air rifle (I own my family at this one)
  3. Flying fox
  4. Elephant ride
  5. Horseback ride
  6. Go-kart.... I think.
  7. Table tennis
  8. Kayaking (which is basically like canoeing)
  9. Snorkelling
  10. Jet-skiing
  11. Uh...swimming? Yeah, it's a pool.
  12. A mini-zoo. It includes the cassowary, the changeable hawk eagle, the himalayan somethng vultures, quite a few cocatoos  (?) and parrots, alligators, boa constrictors, deers, alligator gar (1 only) and... fish. yup.
  13. a coffee shop for breakfast lunch and dinner! (Outside the shop, there is an exhibit for...iguanas!!!!!!!!!)
  14. a Kelong restaurant (basically a restaurant out at sea...maybe not so far out.)
  15. a japanese restaurant
Okay. Yeah, basically, three days wasn't enough for me to explore and analyse the hotel enough.
Back to the narrative!
On the first day we waited for about an hour before our room was vacant. Anyway, after we put down our bags, we went to the recreational centre for lunch, then archery, air rifle, horseback riding, elephant riding and the flying fox. We rested in our room awhile, then set off again for kayaking. In the end, we ended up paddling in the water and our boats were on the beach. After we towelled off in our hotel room, we changed into our swim suits and swam in the hotel pool. Then, dinner at the Kelong restaurant, and lights off for the night.

2nd day!
Okay, first thing I did was ask, "Where am I?" and my dad was laughing. Anyway, we quickly got changed and went for the routine all over again, except that my mom went to a market called pasar(which means market in indonesian) oleh-oleh(which means souvenier in malay, as far as I'm concerned.) But instead of kayaking, we went body-boarding, which is like surfing with your torso. We ended up paddling too far from the lane, so we returned the body-boards and went snorkelling on our own. We found lots of sand dollars, and a colony of hermit crabs. XD.

3rd day!
I found a cool bath robe in the closet so I put it on, and my younger brother said I looked like a mage :P Anyway my mother and I went for a Balinese traditional massage, so I feel relaxed now. Then, we ate lunch at the kelong restaurant. We drove to the ferry terminal and waited for.. a long time before boarding the ferry. Then it was I'll-kiss-you-goodbye-dear-Bintan-but-I'll-be-back-don't-you-worry moment.

XD trololol.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I'll be overseas for three days, starting tomorrow. Y'all know that I'd communicate with you if my mobile phone has internet access, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

I'm going Bintan, Indonesia. When I'm back, I swear I'll tell you what I've been up to, kay?



*for now. you won't be able to get rid of me so easily.*

Tuesday, 7 June 2011



Okay thanks for reading just another random post XP

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A new blog for updated OCs

I know sometimes our OCs that we send to Bio-Rama may not be how we want them to turn out as, so I'm setting up a new blog:, for all you people who want to change the minute things in your OC to post. Simply send your updated OCs to me, at I'll start by posting my updated ones XD. No offence meant.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little challenge for you guys

This is an escape game. The walkthrough will be posted when.... I don't know XD. Anyway, time yourself without the walkthroughs and see how fast you can get through the Crimson Room. The Viridian room... well the ending is just weird and creepy... If you're afraid of Skeletons in shinto culture (I think it's spelt that way... no offence to anyone) then don't do the Viridian room. I haven't done the White Chamber yet... but I do know it's the most advanced. The link is here: