Monday, 25 July 2011


Go to this website. HURRY. NOW.



We have officially broken my blog's record of comments with.... drumroll please......


It's not alot, I know.

What I have to say to all this is.....


*walks out*

*walks back in*

I kid. What  I really mean to say is, Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, my blog's been really quiet. And special thanks goes to Isabella for reviewing my excerpt. Thank you Isabella. You're the first person to actually comment on that. Thank you random people who *happened to stumble on my blog*, G.A and Vita. So today I'll be posting a poem a way.


She looked down at us,
As if we were just pus,
Arching her back to look down her nose,
Compared to her I’m a wilting rose.
“I will never acknowledge you.”
Her words ringing, I knew it hurt my mother too.
Her daughter Violet wasn’t so bad,
But her son Louis was just plain mad.
He screamed, “You’re just a coward,”
“The daughter of a woman who seduced father Howard!”
“Why do I have to acknowledge this scum as my sister?!”
He shouted, raging, pointing an accusing finger.
And henceforth he always hit me,
Like that was how my life was meant to be.
“Mother said this, mother said that,”
“Mother said we’re supposed to treat her like a bat!”
And anger filled me, to the very brim,
So one day it might spill in tidal waves all over him.
But he stole into my chamber that one night,
Did all sorts of weird things and said “Hold me tight.”
It went on like that for quite a few years,
Until the rage turned to fear and tears.
One night it all stopped,
When Violet popped in and cut him short.
Then I really knew what abuse had meant,
Those years of my life just came and went.
I’ll never be able to reverse time till then,
So I learned the cruel greed of men.
Marina L. Satellizer, that’s my given name.
And since then people found me quite hard to tame.
Now you know how hard my life has been.
You should know the reason behind my nickname, “The Untouchable Queen”.

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Skip the first one if you don't like blood.

Skulduggery my old friend, I think I've found one of your pictures.
It's a little gory, I have to say. And a little hard to see the skeleton, but It's there. I'm thinking that THIS is when Nefarian punished Skulduggery. :D

Also something that might pique your interest. Stereotypes of Teenagers depict them as really defiant, right? Well, check out Skulduggery's teenage -year vehichle.

EPICA. I found this in one of my friend's photos. Credit goes to Kristele and Tumblr.

:) I've also started to write, both prose and poetry, so check prose out at, and poetry, well, where it usually is. I think.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Found this while scrolling through photos in the Macintosh photo both XD.

Meet the terrifying Dullahan