Monday, 25 July 2011


We have officially broken my blog's record of comments with.... drumroll please......


It's not alot, I know.

What I have to say to all this is.....


*walks out*

*walks back in*

I kid. What  I really mean to say is, Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, my blog's been really quiet. And special thanks goes to Isabella for reviewing my excerpt. Thank you Isabella. You're the first person to actually comment on that. Thank you random people who *happened to stumble on my blog*, G.A and Vita. So today I'll be posting a poem a way.


She looked down at us,
As if we were just pus,
Arching her back to look down her nose,
Compared to her I’m a wilting rose.
“I will never acknowledge you.”
Her words ringing, I knew it hurt my mother too.
Her daughter Violet wasn’t so bad,
But her son Louis was just plain mad.
He screamed, “You’re just a coward,”
“The daughter of a woman who seduced father Howard!”
“Why do I have to acknowledge this scum as my sister?!”
He shouted, raging, pointing an accusing finger.
And henceforth he always hit me,
Like that was how my life was meant to be.
“Mother said this, mother said that,”
“Mother said we’re supposed to treat her like a bat!”
And anger filled me, to the very brim,
So one day it might spill in tidal waves all over him.
But he stole into my chamber that one night,
Did all sorts of weird things and said “Hold me tight.”
It went on like that for quite a few years,
Until the rage turned to fear and tears.
One night it all stopped,
When Violet popped in and cut him short.
Then I really knew what abuse had meant,
Those years of my life just came and went.
I’ll never be able to reverse time till then,
So I learned the cruel greed of men.
Marina L. Satellizer, that’s my given name.
And since then people found me quite hard to tame.
Now you know how hard my life has been.
You should know the reason behind my nickname, “The Untouchable Queen”.


  1. Woah matey. Rhythm's bit too irregular for me. Otherwise, great job. The Violet-Louis lines just remind me of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I used to read as a wee lad, like what the Loompas chant. Pardon me for asking, but does this have anything to do with the fact that your pop and mom are 'strangulating every bit of (your) freedom'? One of your darker works I'd say.

  2. Actually this isn't my darkest one. It's quite.... off balance, 'cos the idea came to me in the middle of the night and I just wrote it, then I typed it, then I didn't bother to amend it. Because I know that if I did, It would turn out really bad. Er, Violet-Louis wasn't actually from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (shhh, but I really haven't read the book.)
    In any case, these poems are just ideas that come to me, and my poems need something in them, like banishment, or death, or abuse, or supernatural. This is just an idea of an idea, so yeah.

  3. I see. I specifically did not indicate that the lines were from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lighten up buddy. 'sides, you're only young once. I'd say your ideas are very different from the ones I had. Keep churning out them poems!

  4. :] yeah, but it goes on for ages.
    You did indicate, however, that it SOUNDED like it was from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :] I like the Oompa Loompas :] Anyway, where are you from?

  5. My pop's work has taken us everywhere when I was littler. I've been to a whole bunch of places, but the United Kingdom will always be home to me.
    I'd leave the debate win to you mate. D'you take debate studies or literature? 'cause you do sound like you do it. I'd prefer to live a turbulent free-life, thank you. Ah, the boisterous spirit of youth. You remind me of the song 'Those Were The Days' by Mary Hopkin. Go listen to it little buddy.
    How's it like in Singapore?

  6. I take literature, but I don't take debate studies.
    It's so nice to know you live in the UK! I always wanted to go there. Been to the usual places of Indonesia, Malaysia, blah blah blah. *sulks*
    Anyway, I'll listen to the song :] In Singapore it's quite tough, really. Hot weather and stress makes my elbows itch and causes tons of rashes. *scowls* damnit.

    P.S. to my dear friend who constantly reads my blog, please, he's not my boyfriend. FOR THE FRICKIN' LOVE OF GOD. PLEASE.

  7. Hoho, I'm bemused by your 'dear friend'. I can assure you my intentions are strictly honourable. I went to Malaysia once on a holiday and I got a pretty bad case of heat rash. I was red as a beetroot. I'd suggest you throw yourself into cooler places to avoid that.

  8. Haha, but I think we Singaporeans have already adapted to that. Did you pick up any malay words while you were there? I happen to know malay.


    Bola-bola awak pancit.

  9. I think the only words I picked up were 'Terimah kasi', or something like that, that's supposed to mean thank you. I'm afraid I forgot the rest. Do you know Malay and English only? I'm a sucker at languages, mate. Can't read and can't 'rite. I forget things as quickly as a duck through water.

  10. I know chinese as well. It's my mother tongue. I also picked up my dialect, hokkien. I know a bit of Japanese as well, although I'm afraid that my english is my strongest language. You're from the UK right? Which part? and where have you been to?

  11. I just realised we broke the record again :)

  12. Sorry for the darned-slow reply. I've been burdened with work recently. I'd say I'm from England. My old man's from England, and my mum's from Scotland.

  13. Cool. I'm a true-blue Singaporean. It's okay that you don't reply immediately: My friend's been bugging me to let them see my "Boyfriend". *scowls*

  14. I'm sure, and I hope, that they meant it as a joke. Relax mate, my chums in school used to do it to me too.

  15. I'm not sure if they see it the way your friends do. I told them off and they wouldn't talk to me anymore.

    *is quiet*

    So be it. If they will make life miserable for me, I make it miserable for them.

  16. Cheer up buddy. Are you sure they are angry over this? One thing could turn out to be another. Try talking to them. Maybe things'll work out. Real friends will stay with you, matey.

  17. I'm not sure about 'real friends' anymore. There's a chinese saying that goes, "Life is but a play, an unending play." So people like my 'friends' are just really fakes.

  18. Just a thought in the noggin mate, do they read your blog?

  19. Yes, they do. They really, really do.

  20. I see. Ah well. Time either bangs out the kinks of a friendship, or bangs in more. Either way, just stay appreciative of those who stay around you. Being in a friendship's dandy but can be short-lived, so make the best of it.