Saturday, 16 July 2011


Skip the first one if you don't like blood.

Skulduggery my old friend, I think I've found one of your pictures.
It's a little gory, I have to say. And a little hard to see the skeleton, but It's there. I'm thinking that THIS is when Nefarian punished Skulduggery. :D

Also something that might pique your interest. Stereotypes of Teenagers depict them as really defiant, right? Well, check out Skulduggery's teenage -year vehichle.

EPICA. I found this in one of my friend's photos. Credit goes to Kristele and Tumblr.

:) I've also started to write, both prose and poetry, so check prose out at, and poetry, well, where it usually is. I think.


  1. That is pretty much the most awesome bike ever.


  2. Hello Butterflies,
    Hats off to you and your delightfully wonderful blog. I am quite impressed with your literary skills, since, from your profile, are only a 'student'. Stumbled upon your blog while surfing the world wide web. Any-o-how, I'd be hanging around for a while. Cheerio!

  3.*unable to respond, for once*

  4. Keep up the good work mate. We might have 'ere a budding writer in our midst. How often d'you get on here?

  5. Note: not all the poems on the are mine.

  6. Your 'High-Flying Dreams' is quite superb. Paints such a beautiful scene when you think 'bout it in your noggin, eh? Pity they spelt your name wrong.

  7. Thats cool!!!!
    hey seeing as i follow ur blog will u follow mine,,,,,

  8. @ G.A. They did? I'm not really sure, I didn't post it.

    @Vita: er....okay.