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Monday, 30 May 2011


Hi Guys! I now have an OC, which is nice XD

Facts about my OC:

Name: Blood Butterflies

No nickname.

No friends either.

Height: Let's just say she's tall.

Age: 200 (looks about 14)

Hair colour: Dark brown, almost black. Straight, slightly curled at the end.

Has a short-temper.

Eye colour: Clear red. Used to be clear brown.

What she wears: Black clothes, tailored by Ghastly. The lining of the coat is a mix of white and wine red, the white spelling out her name.

Gender: Female...duh?

Nationality: Classified Information.

Location: Changes all the time.

Occupation: Freelance assassin.

Dislikes: People who don't die, the Sanctuary. And the law that prevents killing.

Likes: Killing people. (that's why she's an assassin.)

Hobbies: Killing random people. And kicking people in their asses and faces.

Powers: Necromancer, before she got turned into a vampire. Courtesy of Dusk, my dears.

Personality: Cold and unwelcoming. She doesn't like to talk to people, on the account of her remembering her murdering of her parents. She is guilty and has put up a protective barrier around her.

Weapon: A long jade knife she keeps in her hair. (Like those things they put in hair buns?)

History: Butterflies has seen a lot in her life. Her parents are abusive. They take drugs and constantly beat
her to relieve their stress. Butterflies' family is very poor so one day she ran away when she was six. Her parents, being her parents, obviously didn't care. She wandered around the city before Tenebrae found her and sensed traces of magic within her. He, being the 'nice' person who wanted more people to join the Necromancer order, invited her to the Temple to be guided under Quiver. She was Quiver's prized pupil and they both had good times. Quiver sent her on a mission that she never came back alive from. She was sent to eradicate most of Dusk's pack, but unfortunately was bitten by Dusk and was turned into a vampire. The first thing she thought of was bloodlust and after killing anybody who stood in her way, she slaughtered her parents. After realising what she had done, she retreated to Moloch and begged for help. Moloch refused and she ran away, the pain of rejection staring straight at her in the face. She then learned to be independent and is now a freelance assassin.

Never seen without: Her jade knife and black Necromancer necklace. (She's rarely seen anyway.)

Discerning features: The thin scar across her left eyelid. Given to her when training in the Temple.

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