Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'm kinda getting a little sick and tired here...

I have a lot to say today. Explains all the posts and shit.

I've started trying to stop cutting, because of what happened here. Nightfire, a person on, is a normal person. A fan of MCR. Her neighbour was brought to the psychiatric ward because she was self-harming and attempted suicide.


So she posted and asked for help.

Dear nightfire's neighbour,

Please don't hurt yourself. No matter how desolate anything seems, nothing is worth trying to take your life over. I've tried before, I know what I'm talking about. I look at the fading scars on my wrists and I smile to myself, think back and say, "How silly I was then." I know that the emotional pain you go through is great, and I sincerely hope you do pull through. Your life is yours. Live it to the fullest. That is how I live my life now, and in comparison to when I was so emotionally depressed, I smile a lot more and the sun seems to shine a lot more. My mom says I look so much healthier, and my dad comments that I look so much better. Why? Because I'm not my moping self anymore.

Wallowing in self-pity will do you nothing but harm, dear. People out here care for you. People out here love you for who you are. By hurting yourself you are hurting them for something that they have never done. Please, look to your friends. Talk to someone. Read suicide-prevention websites. Listen to quotes. Love yourself for who you are, and you find that the hurt inside will snigger and laugh, but it will disappear. You will pull through. I believe in you. Even if you don't believe in yourself, I still put my faith in you because I know you can.

"The world can be a really ugly place, right? It's not always really pretty it gets ugly, peoples' feelings get hurt. Sometimes it's terrible, but it's also a really beautiful place, and we all share it together. If you ever feel depressed or hurt in any way or you find yourself feeling very desperate, you find somebody that you trust, that you can talk to, be it a teacher, a parent, a best friend, a therapist at school, there's lots of free programmes you guys can find people to talk to. But the main thing is: no matter what, no matter what happens to you, no matter how desperate you feel, you never resort to violence." -- Gerard Way.\

I hope that this little piece of hope can help you.
BB, Zone 6, Battery City

Please reblog, and tell the world that MCR isn't what it seems. We aren't a fucking cult. We fucking care for each other as if we were family. We look out for one another. If you have a problem, we can solve it. (Unless, of course, you want to fly. Or you want to bring someone back from the dead. Or something inhumane like that.) We can help you. We can direct you guys to help. Remember, nothing is worth hurting yourself or taking your life over. Please reblog. I thank you from the bottom of my black little heart.

I'm also fucking sick and tired of fucking stereotypes. Today I told my friends, "Gerard dyed his fucking hair black --" and before I could go on, they both said, "Gerard died? That's the best news I've heard!"

Please, allow me to inwardly facepalm.

Good God, people, Gerard is a life-saver. MCR is a life-saver. If I hadn't listened to their music, I would be six feet underground with a knife in my heart, a rope tight around my neck and my cold dead hand clutching a crumpled suicide note. "This band saves lives." And MCR has lived up to that particular claim. Yeah, their music might be a little on the hardcore/ rock side, but fuck, what does it matter? If pop was labelled as rock and rock was labelled as pop, people will be listening to rock not pop! Get it? Labels are fucking trash. Rubbish. Bullshit. Absolutely bullshit.

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