Thursday, 10 November 2011

I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree.....

Christmas is coming! I've already gotten Christmas presents for my little Gerard Way, Frankie Iero and Moikay Way. Still unsure about what I should get for Torosaurus. Suggestions welcome!

Anyway, this is Gerard's present: (even though he can't get it)

It's a badge, like, a button badge. <3

My scanner fucking sucks, so sorry about it being at the corner.

Moikay's present: (I originally wanted to give him a caricature, but the caricaturist disappeared off the face of the earth for unknown reasons.....)

Frankie's Christmas present plays on his arachnophobia, please don't hate me for it.... Also sorry about the black and white quality of the picture. Fucking handphone. The hourglass on the spider's back is blood red.

See, Frankie? Spiders aren't THAT bad.

I think I should bake a cupcake for Torosaurus that says, "Destroy(a) me!"

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