Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Ingredients needed:
1) Bread flour
2) Plain flour
3) One bottle olive oil
4) One quater capsicum
5) Half a tomato
6) 1 quater white/yellow onion
7) Cheese. This depends on how cheesy you want the pizza to be.
8) Chicken breast
9) Fresh button mushrooms. The white-brown ones.
10) Tomato puree or pasta sauce. Whatever you call it.
11) Pineapples :)


1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius.
2) While the oven is heating up, make the dough.
          - Take 150 grams of bread flour and put it into a mixing bowl.
          - Take 2 pinches of salt and put it into the flour.
          - Make a hole in the bottommost point of the flour
          - Get a measuring jug and put one rounded teaspoonful of instant yeast (the powder one) into it.
          - Take a half a teaspoon full of sugar and put it into the measuring jug.
          - Get 90 millilitres of warm water (the one heated in the water heater) and pour it into the measuring jug.
          - Stir well.
          - Pour the mixture into the the hole which you had made in the flour just now.
          - Stir the flour.
          - If it is not wet enough, pour 10 millilitres of water into the flour. Repeat till wet enough.
          - Use the plain flour to flour the table and your hands.
          - Knead the dough until smooth.
          - Push the dough's edges downwards and inwards, until it looks like a roll. Bun. Thing.
          - Put the dough into the mixing bowl.
          - Wet a cloth.
          - Cover the bowl with the cloth and place it just outside the oven. The oven has to be open. Leave it there for 10 minutes.
4) While the you're waiting, you might want to cut the vegetables and other things. Cut the veggies into long, thin strips, the mushrooms into slightly bigger strips, cut the pineapples into the shape that you find them on regular pizzas and shredd the chicken breast. Use a teaspoonful of tomato puree or pasta sauce to marinate the chicken.
5) When ten minutes have passed, take the dough from the oven. It should have risen already.
6) Beat the dough back into its original shape, and cut the dough into how many pizzas you want to make. This much dough does two pizzas.
7) Grease the pizza pans with the olive oil.
8) Use the heel of your palm to flatten the dough. Pull at the edges a bit and put it into the pizza pan.
9) Flatten the dough at the thick parts.
10) Use your thumb to push the edges to the edges of the pizza pan.
11) Once the pizza pan has been covered, use a floured fork to poke holes all over the pizza.
12) Do the same with the other piece of dough. Don't forget to flour the table and your hands.
13) Pop the pizza crusts into the oven which has remained turned on. Wait for ten minutes.
14) If you haven't finished cutting your toppings, now might be a good time to finish cutting them.
15) After ten minutes, take the pizza pans out and test whether they are hard. To do this, poke them with your finger. The correctly cooked pizza crust will be only very slightly brown.
16) Take the remainder of tomato puree or pasta sauce and top the pizza crusts.
17) Put the chicken ont op of the tomato puree. Or pasta sauce. Whatever.
18) Arrange the toppings in whatever way you want.
19) To get the pizza hut stringy effect, put the cheese in between layers, but leave the bulk for the top.
20) When it is finished, pop the pizzas back into the oven for another 10 minutes.
21) When the pizzas are done, the cheese would have melted and the edges would be brown. If you want it more well cooked, leave it in the oven for another 2-3 minutes.
22) And finally, you're done! Use the pizza cutter or a cleaver to cut the pizza. When using the cleaver, don't use a sawing action. Place the sharp end of the cleaver on the pizza and use the heel of your palm to him it down.

Enjoy :)

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