Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dear Iris' parents....

Hello! This is Blood Butterflies here, also known by my given name, Tessa. I'm writing this letter because I don't think it's fair to take Iris away from all her friends. I have changed the glum situation for my other friend, Kallista, and I will change it for Iris.

I feel that Iris' situation is a lot less trivial than a mere banning from the internet. I feel that as parents, yes, you want what's best for your child, and yes, you want her to grow up the right way, but I have been there. I have seen for my own eyes, how the adverse effects look like. And trust me, it isn't pretty.

Don't cut off the things that Iris clings to. She needs the love and support. I will always, always be there for your daughter. I will always support her in whatever she does. And if she makes a mistake, in my moral judgement, I will do my best to correct it. This is surely the kind of daughter that you want. I'm telling you, sending her away from the things she loves, yes, it will make her mature, but she will pass into maturity painfully. Maturity is something that is integrated. It takes time to process it. And it takes people who love her and know her to groom her. To mature her. This is what I believe in and this is what I want for Iris.

I understand that you have monetary problems in Dubai. Don't blame your daughter for telling me. I forced it out of her. I understand that the Indian economy will help you to assume a higher economic status. But please, as I have understood you, please understand us. All of us. All of us on the blog. We want Iris to stay. We want Iris to be with us. Without her presence, the blog will just not be the same. We treasure each and everyone of our friends. The blog is never the same without any of us missing. No matter how long you have been on the blog, we will treasure each and everyone of us like anybody would treasure the precious seconds of their life.

I also know things that you don't think I know. I know about what happened at your marriage. I know her reluctance to go to India. I understand each and every aspect of this and I've taken my own perspective to all this. Please, let her stay. Or at least, please, don't make her go to a hostel. Not that I'm demoting hostels or anything, but I have heard that this hostel is very strict, and that there are only two days off in a year. Even if you make her go to the hostel, please, please, please let her come home during those two days. Let her have her connections with the outside world. She needs this connection to actually be successful in life. Although grades mean alot in this current world, connections matter as much. I'm sure that there are many other good schools in India that give her an all rounded education. I am sure that if you make the right decision, your daughter will grow up to be the perfect one ANY parent would want.

I hope that you take the things I have said to mind. I hope that you will change her situation. I made a promise, and I am never one to break a promise. I vowed that I will change her situation, or else die in debt. I am her supporter. Only you can change her situation. We all beg that you do.

Thank you, and yours sincerely,
Blood Butterflies

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