Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Okay this is gonna be a real weird post.

Firstly, I want to solve this problem of wanting to tell you guys this dream of mine, which is really, very weird.
Okay, last night I dreamt what every fan of the triple G would dream of: that he came to my house just to sign my books. I'm not sure if this is really probable, but heck, my younger brother and I were talking about it all day. So yeap, he came to my house, and I think the dream went something like this:

I was awakened presumably in the morning by my younger brother, "Jie! (this means big sister is chinese) Jie! Derek's downstairs right now!"

Obviously this kind of news is like WOAH, so I sat up and said, "Really?"

My parents' laughter drifted up from downstairs. "You're an interesting author, Mr Landy," I heard my dad say. As if he would say that, really.

"I got the inkling about, what, 6 years ago? I didn't know what it would mean," A deep voice with an Irish accent answered.

"OH MY GOD." I was saying.

"Why don't you go sight-seeing first? I don't think my daughter is going to get up soon."

I could smell wine, which was weird. "I don't think I would. I'm here because your daughter posts on my blog. Your son, too. I would really like to meet them. I've read your son's spin-off from mine, and I've read your daughter's poems. They are, to say the least, very original."

I couldn't move, but in the next instant I had showered and changed into my jeans. I practically flew down the stairs, which, in retrospect, is really dangerous, but heck, when the triple G comes to your house, you wouldn't care, right? So I flew down the stairs and I glomped him.

*is clearly embarrassed*

I'm not sure why I did that, but I think I was just so excited. Nevermind. Back to the dream.

I didn't know how he got my address, since I never divulge that info to anyone, but still. I think at that point I woke up, and I could remember the dream, but you don't want that kind of thing to run away. So I fell asleep again. I think after that he signed our books and things and gave us SP merchandise for free (WOW) and I asked him for his handphone number and email.

Oh god. I must have been delirious.

At that point my brain decided to be really mean to me, so it sent me to get a piece of paper and when I came back, I saw a car that wasn't there before drive away. I assumed it was Derek because my mom said it was,(typical) and I ran after it.

Oh god. I'm really crazy.

In any case I lost track of the car and my dad woke me up just then. I swear to God, my dreams never have happy endings.

*is quiet for a while*

I've been coming up with more poems and OCs and excerpts of their lives, and Yesh! I have finished Blood Butterflies OC version 2.0. I will post it on Bio-Rama ( after I post this.

I'm really hoping that Derek comes to Singapore, because honestly it would be the chance of a lifetime to meet him in person. Oh gosh, we're just a little red dot. And as far as I know, there will be 5 fans in Singapore by September end, three of which live in the damned same house.

Hell yeah.


  1. Interesting dreams you have. All I dream of is falling, just whoosh, and when I'm supposed to hit smack bottom like a pancake, I sit up in bed in cold sweat.

  2. Happens. Something about the fear of death. Or something.

  3. Perhaps. I guess when while gets older, one thinks about what lies beyond. Well, dreaming about happy things is jolly good, but nightmares are worse than listening to nails on chalkboards without earmuffs.

  4. lawl. Yeah, I agree, but I don't know why this dream was that vivid. It seemed so real. Too real.

  5. Well, I've had a couple of vivid dreams. Maybe brought on by my watching of Inception one too many times, mate.

  6. lol. I've never watched Inception, but from what I've heard, it was good.

  7. What are you waiting for then? Go buy a DVD! It's too blimey good to be missed!