Sunday, 30 October 2011


I'm not going to be a debbie downer here.

Well, maybe a bit.

See, lots of people don't understand that the music I listen to is romantically brutal. Take MCR, for example. After Hannah Bond (tragic, really) killed herself, they go ahead and somehow link her death to MCR. Why? Because two weeks before she fucking hung herself, she started listening to MCR. I have been listening to MCR for what, 4 years, and am I dead yet? No, I'm not.

It is stated rather clearly in the article that she was angry at her parents for not letting her sleep-over at her boyfriend's house. She had stormed into her parent's room (or out of..... can't really remember) saying "I will kill myself." Of course, her parents assumed she wouldn't, but when they found her limp and lifeless body later, they fucking blamed it on MCR.

Now the Daily Mail took this all into account, and, being the biased little bastards they are, assumed that MCR is a fucking PRO-SUICIDAL CULT. Can you believe that? A fucking cult. They called us a fucking cult. I'm not part of a cult. I don't have the inverted pentagram tattooed somewhere. I don't visit fucking stinky alleys to hold fucking meetings. We are not a cult. We are an army.

Have you ever heard more encouraging speeches? Of course the Daily Mail doesn't want to take this into account. Biased fuck-tards.

I don't care if I'm going to go to jail for this.

This isn't a stand alone case. The rhythm guitarist of MCR, Frank Anthony Iero Jr, plays in Leathermouth, another band. I haven't listened to their music yet, but I've seen videos of Frankie signing things for MCR fans, and he's one of the sweetest guy I've ever seen. Yeah, he looks tough, he's got tattoos all over the place, piercings, whatever. I could have pink hair and a piercing on my, I don't know, face? That doesn't fucking change who I fucking am. And it just so happens that 5th Period Massacre is one of Leathermouth's songs. Some people listen to the lyrics and deem Frankie as a lunatic. A fucking lunatic. Yes, you heard me right, a lunatic.

For God's sake, people, listen up! This world is varied. There will be majorities and minorities. But that doesn't fucking mean that the Majorities can fucking discriminate the minorities just because the minorities are fucking different! I'm a Chinese, and I go on international websites. I have been discriminated against because I am Asian. Does that fucking make sense to any of you? Does it?

Same thing goes for pop bands and rock bands. Initially emo was just a fucking label. Now it's clothing. What on fucking earth is wrong with the world today? Can't you accept people for who they are? MCR is the most fun-loving band I've ever known. The sweetest. The most inspirational. So unlike others like (I'm so sorry if I piss anyone off) Katy Perry. Or Justin Bieber. MCR has been upfront about most, including sensitive subjects like discrimination or even prison rape. Things can go horribly wrong, and unfortunately many people have taken their meanings wrongly. If you would kindly go to this link: (it's on this blog, don't worry) and read the quotes, you'll find that they are very inspirational.

MCR has saved my life so many times. I don't know what could have possessed me to try and cut my chest open or chop my hand off (and I really don't want to know) in the middle of the night. I'd wake up, don't know where I'm going, and suddenly two lines of MCR lyrics or a quote will pop into my head and I'd fully wake up and I'd be like woah, I have a knife. Girl, take control of yourself.

That's the way I feel. I don't know about you, but my rant's over. My journey isn't, though, and I will keep protesting against the people who wrong me.

I'm not fighting any bullshit fucking war. I'm only not taking the shit that people throw in my face for me being myself.

BB, Killjoy at Battery City, Zone 6, out.

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